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31st July, 2014


Headcanon - Bucky falls in love with classic 80’s rock and sings it at Steve loudly and unexpectedly.

Steve comes into the shared kitchen of the Avengers Tower and sees Clint and Natasha sitting at the table, sharing a fruit salad.  They’re talking in quiet voices, leaning in towards one another.  Bucky is at the counter, perched on a stool, spooning sugary cereal into his mouth.

"Hey Steve," he says, milk dripping over his lips.

"Bucky," Steve chides playfully, "manners."

Bucky wipes at his mouth with the sleeve of his shirt and smiles widely, teeth bared.  Steve narrows his eyes and gestures at him, open-palmed, telegraphing an unspoken ‘Really?’

Bucky shrugs and laughs.  ”Hey, listen,” he says, “do you have a minute?  I’d… actually like to talk.”

Steve feels his heart beat a little harder in his chest, worried about what could be on Bucky’s mind.  ”Yeah, of course.”  He glances over at Clint and Natasha.  ”You want to go somewhere else?”

"Nah, here’s fine."  Bucky rests his spoon in his bowl and takes a deep breath.  "Steve, I…"  He falters, looks down.

Oh God, Steve thinks.  He says nothing, but tries to look encouraging.

"I gotta take a little time," Bucky finally continues.  "A little time to think things over."

Shit.  Steve knew that things were too good to be true.  He had gotten Bucky back after everything that had happened.  They were living together again.  They had even… admitted things.  Shared a few intimate moments.  Steve had thought that they were taking things slow enough, but now he was second-guessing himself.

"Yeah, no, that’s fine, I get that," he replies, quietly.  He looks down at the counter and traces a tile with his thumb.

"I better read between the lines, in case I need it when I’m older," Bucky says.

Steve looks up, confused.  He catches a familiar expression in Bucky’s eyes but he’s so off-balance from the conversation that he thought they were having that he can’t place it.

On the other side of the room, Nat stands up from the table and croons a gentle “Ooh ahhh” vocalization.  Steve stares at her, mouth slightly open.  Then, he realizes what is happening.

"No-" He starts to protest, but is cut off by Bucky jumping off his stool and thrusting his arm into the air.

"Now this mountain I must climb," he sings, slightly off key, "feels like a world upon my shoulders."

"Stop it, stop it this instant," Steve says to him, backing up towards the door.  Clint runs over before he can escape and blocks the doorway.  He shakes his head, a smug grin on his face.

"Through the clouds I see love shine," Bucky lowers his arm and locks his gaze on Steve.  "It keeps me warm as life grows colder."

Steve crosses his arms over his chest and does his best impression of a frown.  In spite of himself, he feels a grin creeping on to his face and a nostalgic lightness in his chest.

Bucky crosses over to where Clint and Natasha are standing by the entrance to the kitchen and starts belting out the next part of the song.

"IN MY LIFE, THERE’S BEEN HEARTACHE AND PAIN," he clutches at his chest and Clint dissolves into laughter.


Natasha picks up her role as background singer and Steve tries desperately to find a cabinet large enough to crawl into and hide.


"Please don’t do this," Steve pleads, desperate to stop Bucky before the chorus.  It is, of course, no use.

"I WANNA KNOW WHAT LOVE IS!"  Bucky sings as loudly as possible.  He falls to his knees in front of Steve.  "I WANT YOU TO SHOW MEEE!"

Steve backs up against the counter as Bucky reaches out, grasping for him.

"I WANNA FEEL WHAT LOVE IS…" he continues, and Steve can hear the barely contained laughter in his voice.  "I KNOW YOU CAN SHOW MEEEE!

Bucky finally reaches the limits of his composure and flops over in a fit of laughter.  Natasha doubles over and clings to Clint for support as the three of them cackle over Steve’s misfortune.

Steve waits until the laughter dies down and they’re all gasping for breath before he speaks.  He looks each of them in the eyes and then says:

"Get.  Fucked."

Steve stalks out of the kitchen as peals of renewed laughter follow him down the hall.

(via A False Bravado)

8th July, 2014

(via A False Bravado)