May the 4th be with you!

Here is my new paint splatter serie with Star Wars characters.

Available here



Kenzi Goss has been working on (and sobbing over) this beautiful ink wash.

And she came up with a brilliant idea: what if she sells prints of it and donates all proceeds to Random Acts

How many people would be interested in buying print of these wings (reminiscent of a certain Angel’s wings)? And would you be willing to spread the word out there (reblogs are super cool even if you aren’t able to purchase)?

You guys please spread the word or give me feedback. I really want this to happen :3

(via wasohmyfool)


Here are three versions of the Benedict Cumberbatch typographical poster I made. 

Let me know which one you’d prefer as the final. I’ll gauge from the first several responses. 

Things to note:

  • I cannot print on black (with the printer these will be going to). I may submit a white on black design to Qwertee, for those interested in this option. (if it fails to get enough votes to be printed, it will be available on Redbubble).
  • In the mockups above, the t-shirt is white, not grey. So, the final would be simple black on white.

You guys have all been so amazing. I really hope you guys are happy with the final versions.

P.s. Prints, posters, etc. will also be offered, for those interested. The prints will be of the original composition. Keep checking back to my blog (or follow) today - I’ll let you guys know when its available for purchase.

Again, thank you all for the awesome feedback! Who knows, there may be more of these portraits coming soon. ;)

Feel free to reblog this to get more input going here. :3

So, option 01, 02, or 03?

As a shirt I really like option 3! I think the first one would be a better poster. I’m attached to the quote, so I’m not so much a fan of the second. Also I’m a sucker for great big tee designs…haha!