;Some facts about angel wings, as cited by the fandom.;

  • An angel’s wings are very sensitive, as they are an extension of an angel’s grace. Plucking a feather will be painful, and do now be surprised if you are attacked or smited for it.
  • Despite this, they are liable to hit you with them if they so choose.
  • Because they are essentially a manifestation of grace they are able, with the angel’s power, to brighten to the point of vaporizing any non-angel target in the room.
  • Trap an angel’s wings you trap the angel. Therefore if they choose to show their wings it is a sign of immense trust. 
  • Or aggression. Prepare to be disintegrated.
  • An angel who’s given his life to fighting battles may go through certain steps to make sure his feathers grew in metal plated, to assist him in war.
  • If an angel’s wings sustain too much damage there is a likelihood they might die.
  • The older the angel, the larger the wingspan. Michael, the eldest, when calling forth his wings can stretch them to span the front of a large house.
  • Archangels have six wings, Seraphim have four if they so choose to represent them as such.
  • An angel’s wings bristle, puff or spread in response to emotion. Older angels, with practice, are able to control this. Younger angels cannot.
  • When embarrassed they may attempt to hide in their wings, it provides comfort. That is also why they would cloak loved ones with them in times of need or pleasure.
  • When manifested, flight patterns are similar to a birds. When non-manifested they are in their grace form, and move faster than a hummingbird, giving intense speed. When manifested on the human plane it’s much slower and alot more cumbersome.
  • Grooming happens more often when manifested, as they’re more prone to molting or shedding, damage when flying and so forth. If not taken proper care of they will itch and start to hurt from distended or broken feathers.
  • An angel’s wings are his pride. If not taken care of it is a sign of shame or mourning. Every angel strives for perfect wings, unless something happens.
  • Every set of wings are different. Pattern, size, colour, heft, shape.
  • If an angel gifts you with a feather it is 
  1. A token of trust and friendship or
  2. A proposal to initiate the courting stage. At any rate be flattered.
  • There are two ways intercourse with an angel can go when they have their wings out. They can either have their grace so well in control that nothing happens, or they can have it so close to the surface that it explodes out of them in a burst of light and power at the critical moment. (Effects are shattering glass, fires, perhaps ice, lightning in the room and knocking out power. It really depends on the angel.)
  • There are three sets of feathers. Primaries, secondaries and marginals. Primaries are the most important, and would never be pulled willingly.
  • Secondaries are the ones that shed the most, and would be the kind that any up-to-snuff angel would gift.
  • Marginals lead into the more downy feathers that cover the bone.
  • Angel bones are strong, but if broken take a very long time to heal(IF they heal right) and cause agonizing pain.
  • The Scapulars, under the wing and right against the shoulderblades cover the oil glands, which are very sensitive. (You know how sensitive the wings are? Triple that.) They’re mostly used in grooming to keep the feathers healthy and straight; to keep water from lingering on them. Unless being groomed by someone the angel infinitely trusts, they will not let anyone touch them. Ever.
  • The space between an angel’s wings is a very pleasurable spot as well.

Side note:

  • Angels do not sleep normally, but they are prone to drifting off under three circumstances. 
  1. Grooming of the wings
  2. Grooming of the hair
  3. Being in an angel’s nest.(More on that some other time)
  • This is assuming they haven’t lost any grace, at which point sleep is a human trait they would pick up.
  • Angels also purr while being given this treatment.

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Thoughts on Wings by Uzlo

So, I did a little wing thing (Or, I did this a long time ago but never bothered to upload it). I’m no wing-major, but I thought it was funny to do and that perhaps someone would appreciate it considering how effing difficult it is to draw wings…

Drawing angel wings properly.




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by algenpfleger on deviantart

I can not fly for I have glass wings

They are beautiful and breath taking 

But, I can not fly

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Winglock. :D I’ll never be lazy again, I promise. Lies.


The Boy with Wings for Arms


The Boy with Wings for Arms


commission for the-mamishka!
prologue for her fanfiction Fallen


commission for the-mamishka!

prologue for her fanfiction Fallen

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here, have wings.

Good Resources:

Puget Sound Wing and Tail Collection (where all the wing images I used came from)

Origin of Flight in Birds

Animating Bird Flight (great resource for ALL artists)


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